The Resurrection of Lazarus: Reviving Our 20-Year-Old Refrigerator

Explore the incredible journey of our 20-year-old refrigerator, "Lazarus," and learn how we revived it with simple DIY repairs. From replacing the defrost heater to fixing the defrost timer board, we share practical tips and common refrigerator solutions to keep your appliance running smoothly. Perfect for homeowners looking to extend their fridge's lifespan and tackle common issues. Get expert advice and step-by-step guidance in this inspiring story of resilience and durability.



6/4/20241 min read

The Resurrection of Lazarus: Reviving Our 20-Year-Old Refrigerator

Discover the remarkable story of our 20-year-old refrigerator, affectionately named "Lazarus," model GSS23WSTA SS. Over two decades, this resilient appliance has come back from the brink multiple times, proving its durability. From replacing the defrost heater to recently swapping out the defrost timer board, we've tackled common refrigerator issues to keep it running smoothly. Learn practical tips for fixing frost buildup, temperature fluctuations, water leaks, and more, all while maintaining your fridge’s efficiency. Regular cleaning, checking seals, and setting the right temperature are just a few ways we've ensured Lazarus’s longevity. Whether you're facing similar issues or just want to keep your fridge in top shape, our journey with Lazarus offers valuable insights and DIY advice. Keep your refrigerator running like new with these expert tips!

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